In July 2013, I had raced Vineman 70.3 and was less than pleased with my swim time, technique, and was unsure if I would be able to comfortably swim the 2.4 miles that was a few months away for IMAZ. I knew I could muddle through it, but I wanted more than that. I made an appointment with Frank Sole and the confidence that he had in me after only our initial meeting was contagious! Frank has such a keen eye that instantly picked out my technical issues. His instruction gave me the confidence that 2.4 miles was just me swimming with “some of my closest friends”!! On Nov. 17th for IMAZ, I jumped in the lake with excitement and couldn’t wait to “own my environment”! I had my mental checklist and counted down the buoys passing them with a smile. I got out of the water and after the wetsuit was peeled off and I was running to T1, I saw Frank. His smile and high five was a perfect way to end my swim and begin my bike! Thanks a million Frank for being a game changer in my journey to become an IRONMAN!!!!!

Kelli Mascaro

“As Frank likes to say “it’s about the swim but not always about the water.” This is a great example of when you focus on becoming uniquely flexible along with refining technique.
“When I first walked into Sole Swim Solutions, I figured I would be working with Frank in the pool to make improvements on my stroke. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After just two sessions in the endless pool and with video tape in hand, he called in his movement specialists to address my biomechanics. After a comprehensive analysis of my overall body mobility limitations, Frank not only helped me while getting wet, but provided me a custom tailored stretching and flexibility regimen to address the issues which were preventing me from making the changes in my form I needed to achieve. Two in particular have already resulted in actual improvements in both my body position while swimming and my ability to achieve the illusive early, high elbow, vertical forearm. Now a simple, 15min. stretching protocol done a few times per week is translating into meaningful improvements in my swimming.”

Bryan Dunn

“Good discussion on technique…he’s a great coach from novice to Kona/pro level. Any coach that can get me comfortable in the water after 2 near drownings as a kid has to be damn good. No more panic attacks, plus I took 17+ minutes off my swim time within a year…not too shabby in my book!!!”

Dimitra Zakas

“Today I found my rhythm and just ran! 7 min PR for my 10k and 16 min PR for my 15k!! I’d love to take all the credit but attribute my success to the support and training guidance from my Coach Frank Sole. He has the plan and knowledge and I’ve been getting it done. When I texted him about my PR and said “Can you believe it?” He says “Of course!” He always has the vision of where I can go even if sometimes I don’t.”

Andrea Barron, Hot Chocolate Run 2012

“Just want to share a thank you. Without your guidance, support, motivation, wisdom and coaching, I would have never even attempted Soma! Thank you!”

Rob Steinberg, 2012 Soma 70.3 (5:21:50)

“Great races all season (except Marque BEFORE Frank lol) because of the training, communication and hard work.”

Kathy English

“I wanted to say thank you for introducing me to triathlon specific swimming. I went from barely swimming 15 meters straight to swimming 1.2 miles in 35 mins during my first 70.3. I was incredibly terrified at how far those buoys looked, but I just relaxed like you said and enjoyed the experience. Thanks for making my first iron distance swim a great one. You really do have a way to connect to people on a level they can understand and appreciate.”

Jon Young

“Dear Frank, More than a week has passed since the big day. As I reflect on my accomplishment, I wanted to take time to thank you for your everything, including helping me achieve my ultimate physical goal — becoming an IronMan. Only 5 short years ago, I started as a novice triathlete competing in sprint and olympic distance events. Having taught myself how to swim only 6 months earlier, the sport of triathlon was a new means for me to stay in shape and challenge myself. This new challenge, however, also left me frustrated. With little help from the outside, I was working hard, but not always smart. Still, with a bit of persistence and hard work, prior to moving to Arizona, I actually completed my first 70.3 race and thought I had achieved everything within my reach….
Upon meeting and working with you Frank, I truly believe I have transformed from an avid exerciser to an athlete. With your coaching, my running and biking have never been as strong as they are today. Once more, what was once a hindrance to my finishing times, swimming is now a solid core and even strength to my foundation. Because of the technique and pool regimens that you gave me, I can’t believe I completed my 2.4 mile IronMan swim in 1:19!!!! Your enthusiasm, energy, and coaching has absolutely transformed the way I train, prepare, and race.
A year-and-a-half after initially signing up to work with you, I have surpassed any fitness goals I have ever thought realistic. I have since completed numerous Olympic distance races, three more 70.3 events and a full IronMan. As a child, not only was I told I was not an athlete, but I believed it too. You, however, encouraged, motivated, and challenged me. You allowed me to see new perspectives and ultimately succeed. With your help, Frank, I have achieved more than I ever dreamt possible. Thank you for your coaching, persistence, direction, patience, flexibility, and friendship along the way.”

Stu Schulman, IMAZ 2011 (13:01:42)

“Hey, Frank, just wanted to give you a shout and say thanks for all the pool work. It really paid off and I am looking forward to continuing the progression. I felt great the whole time during my Ironman swim and was able to focus on form. Got out of the water and easily could have kept going. Thanks for the coaching.”

Tyler Cottam, IMAZ 2011 (11:50:56)


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