About Frank

Frank Sole is a premier swim coach and tactician for endurance athletes. He has an extensive background in working with pro triathletes, Kona qualifiers and age groupers. Frank easily adapts to their talents, personalities and limitations and recognizes their abilities to maximize their swimming potential.

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Frank's Testimonials

In July 2013, I had raced Vineman 70.3 and was less than pleased with my swim time, technique, and was unsure if I would be able to comfortably swim the 2.4 miles that was a few months away for IMAZ. I knew I could muddle through it, but I wanted more than that. I made an appointment with Frank Sole and the confidence that he had in me after only our initial meeting was contagious! Frank has such a keen eye that instantly picked out my technical issues. His instruction gave me the confidence that 2.4 miles was just me swimming with “some of my closest friends”!! On Nov. 17th for IMAZ, I jumped in the lake with excitement and couldn’t wait to “own my environment”! I had my mental checklist and counted down the buoys passing them with a smile. I got out of the water and after the wetsuit was peeled off and I was running to T1, I saw Frank.  His smile and high five was a perfect way to end my swim and begin my bike! Thanks a million Frank for being a game changer in my journey to become an IRONMAN!!!!!


Kelli Mascaro

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Frank Sole offers a variety of leading coaching and consultation services that provide students with measurable, definitive results. From Video Stroke Analysis and One-on-One training, to Endurance Training and Presentation, Frank’s solutions put you in the fast lane for success.

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